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The Skoog is an exciting new musical instrument for children of all ages and abilities.  Expressive, tactile and intuitive, The Skoog is a universally accessible platform for creating and exploring musical sound.

The Skoog uses state-of-the-art software to deliver the quality and expressive character of real musical instruments.  Flexible and simple to use, it offers not only the opportunity for learning, creativity and expressive musicianship, but also a fun and engaging audio resource.

Each Skoog package contains one multi-touch sensor, software is free to download and it comes complete with 12 fantastic instruments.  Simply install the software on your computer, hook up your favourite loudspeakers and connect your Skoog to the USB port and you are ready to play.


Designed to be played, with or without musical training.

An expanding range of musical instrument sounds means that there’s sure to be something for everyone.  Give a gentle squeeze on The Skoog for a smooth swell of brass, or how about a subtle twist for a screeching over-blown flute?  And with a different note on each side it’s a piece of cake to create chords and melodies.


Skoogmusic – Music for Everyone.

The Skoog puts you in full control of the sound.  Fully adjustable sensitivity and skill settings mean that even an absolute novice can play like a pro.  Skoogmusic want everyone to discover their inner musician.  With the option to create custom user-profiles (tailored to suit each individual user) and a comprehensive user guide, the software is super-simple to set-up and just as easy to use. There’s music in you.  Let it out.



the skoog

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