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My World SmartBox AT

Introducing My World from Smartbox AT

My World, the latest addition to our Interactive Learning range, is available now.

My World enables users to begin taking control of the world around them in a new and fun way, using sensory equipment and toys.

All of the accessories are controlled by either our SB10 Mounted or SB18 devices, using The Grid 2 as an interface.

This means everything can be controlled by touch, switch or eye gaze access.

Learning pathway
To help users progress, My World is split into three stages of learning. Each stage provides an increasing number of options for controlling an accessory.

The workbook provides the tools you need track and measure the progress of users over time.

Develop communication
My World provides the perfect bridge between initial play-based activities and early choice making and communication.

There are grids with relevant vocabulary and opinion grids so the user can talk about the toys they are playing with.

Everything you need
The system is delivered in a handy storage box. Inside you will find a bubble machine, fan, disco light, laser projector, light strip as well as a toy robot, dinosaur, train, car and dog!

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