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What is Beamz ?

Beamz Interactive Music System is a universally designed laser controller that gives users of any age, physical or cognitive ability instant access to hundreds of musical instruments, sound effects and songs.

It transforms a classroom or therapy setting into a 21st Century learning environment where skill building takes place through music.

Beamz is universally designed so it is accessible to users of all learning and physical abilities.  It is switch and adaptive keyboard accessible, and shortly will be accessible via eyegaze.

The versatility in its application means you can work on areas such as:-

  • cause and effect
  • directionality
  • sequencing
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • common core subjects
  • rewards or incentives, recreation and more!

For healthcare professionals, Beamz gives the opportunity to develop treatment and support programmes that will assist users in reaching their functional goals, via music.

For more information on Beamz, please download the PDF below. Beamz



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